What are Instant Win Games?

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What are Instant Win Games?

If you’ve never played the likes of Classic Monopoly, Blackjack, Leprechaun’s Luck or TV theme games such as The X-Factor than you are massively missing out!

Instant win games such as these have become incredibly popular at major UK and US gaming sites such as Bet365, 888Games and Betfair Arcade Games.

What makes instant win games so pleasing and exciting is that you can earn massive cash prizes within minutes without having to fork out any more or spend and unlovable amount of time trying to learn a complicated, logic-intense game.

Instant win games are incredibly easy, simple and enjoyable to play.  The “Instant Win” part of the genre comes from the fact that you can play these games instantly through in-browser or java technology on your desktop or mobile. You don’t have to download any messy software to play instant win games.  For example, if you visit 888Games.com now than you will see that you can click on a arrange of more than 80 different instant win games that will pop-up in a new browser and begin.  The different variety of instant games that you can play online includes table games, number games, casino, sports, slots, classics, hi-lo, quizzes, skill games and TV genres.

The other part of the name “instant win games” derives from that fact that you can start the games instantly and finish them quickly.  There is no need to wait for throngs or other players or skivvy minded people to que up before you can wait for the game to start.  You can play fantasy games such as CashDrop or Pharaoh’s Treasure immediately as soon as you click “play”.  This conflicts with other online games such as online poker or 90 ball bingo rooms where you have to actually wait for the rooms to fill up before the game begins.

The massive selection of online instant win games makes them incredibly popular.  Ranging from sports and skill games such as Virtual Dogs and Football Legends to Classic Games like 3WOW! and Blockbusters, you’re almost guaranteed to find a category of game that screams out at you and fits the bill.

Your chances of winning cash prizes are very high if you play instant win games on a regular basis.  The odds are much more in your favour in comparison to other casino games such as 20-reel slots or craps. The chances of winning a £500 of £1,000 cash prize by playing scratch card and quiz games is very high.  Scratch2Cash have stated on their website that 1 in every 3 scratch cards wins a prize.  Most gaming sites also have a winner’s section which allows you to view which lucky players have managed to win some money in the games.  Bet365 Games, for example, shows that a Mrs G has just won £458.90p in Cleopatra.  Mr. C has won £319.18 in Keno too!

Bet365 Games are releasing new instant win games every month.  You can find the most popular games at Bet365 by clicking on the Feature Games link at the top of the screen or the Instant Games Promotions tab.

You can start playing instant win games without even having to deposit any money.  The majority of websites such as Bet365 Games and 888Games provide a full scale of table, sports, slots and instant games for both Free Play and Real Money versions.

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