Types of Instant Win Games

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Types of Instant Win Games

There are a huge variety of instant win games that you can play online in 2011, and more and more games are cropping up each month.  In order to lesson the confusion for new players we’ve decided to write a short description of the main categories of instant win games that you can find online – starting with the most popular!

Slots – Online Slots games, including video slots, are relatively easy to play and contain massive jackpot prizes.  If you’re playing progressive jackpot slots, where the prizepool gets bigger until somebody wins, than jackpot cash prizes can be worth up to £200,000 for a single winner!  The most popular types of slots are 1 line, 5 line and mult-line slots.  For more information see the Online Slots page.

Hi Lo – Higher or Lower is game of psychology, pressure and wit and it is a very popular online instant game loved by everyone.  Known simply as Hi Lo online, this game requires you to choose a card, make a stake and than guess whether the next card that is turned over will be higher or lower.  Get consecutive turns right for massive cash prizes.  Some popular themed hi lo games include Triple Hi Lo, Aladdin’s Treasure and Generator.

Scratch Cards – Scratch card games are becoming extremely popular online, especially in the UK.  In order to play scratch cards, you need to purchase a ticket, scratch off the boxes, and hopefully match a specific pattern or pictures. Scratch cards can be bought from as little as 10p and can have prizes ranging from £1 up to £100,000.  In fact, at Scratc2Cash.com every 3rd scratch card wins some sort of prize with a 95% payout.  See our scratch cards page for more information.

Keno & Number Games – Keno is another extremely popular instant game that is similar to scratch cards and bingo.  When you buy a Keno card, the aim is to scratch corresponding KENO circular boxes with numbers (out of a total of 20 numbers) in order to win a range of different prizes.  The total odds for winning in KENO are 1 in 3.99.

Table Games – Instant table games are the types of games that nowadays you would commonly find in a casino with a dealer.  Some popular types of table games include blackjack, craps, roulette, Texas Choos’em, hi-lo poker and mini mahjong.

TV Show Games – Many instant win games that you see online are heavily themes on popular UK TV shows such as Deal or No Deal, the X-Factor, the Money Drop and Family Fortune.  These exciting games tend to have huge payouts and mirror the rules and overall style of the original TV games show.  In Deal or No Deal for example, you must keep picking away at boxes until you have one left – will it be a 1p cash prize or a red box of £50,000?

Classic Games – Classic games are very popular, nostalgic games that are found at most instant win games and arcade sites.  Examples of classic games include Monopoly, 3WOW, Blockbusters and Golden Balls.

Sports Games – Many sports-orientated sites such as Bet365 Games and Betfair Arcade will feature a number of unique sports games such as Virtual World Cup, Virtual Horses, Bowling and 100m Champions.  These require you to play an instant win version of the sports for big cash prizes.

The article above provides a breif guide to the types of instant real money games that new players will find online.  But if you visit RealMoneyGames.org, you can read original reviews and game rules of dozens of other themed games online such as Pinball Roulette, Slotbox and Virtual Dogs.

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