Instant Win Prizes

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Instant Win Prizes

The major attraction of playing instant win games online is the massive cash prizes and jackpots that games including slots, instant bingo and scratch cards give new players.

What are Your Chances of Winning Money in Instant Win Games Online?

One of the biggest advantages of playing instant win games is that you are much more likely to win than other types of online gambling such as craps or online poker.  If you play scratch cards at Scratch2Cash for example than there’s a 1/3 chance that you’ll win.  This means that if you buy more than 3 or 4 scratch cards than you’re practically guaranteed to win money – which massive reduces the chances of losing online.  Although some cynics might argue that the amount that you’re winning is less than the cost of the ticket, this isn’t always the case.  Many of the scratch card prizes at Scratch2Cash are worth more than £1,000 depending on which tickets you buy.  95% payouts on all of the cash prizes also means that you won’t get ripped off as easily as you would by playing offline scratch card games.

The lower costs for playing online instant win games is another thing that boosts the value of instant win prizes online.  Most online games sites such as 888 Games and Bet365 Games will allow you to wager money on games such as Aces High from just 10p per wager.  You can even play instant win games for free.  The fact that you can win big prizes in these sorts of online games from just 1 – 10p per ticket makes them very exciting and attractive for even new players with shallow pockets.

Comparing Offline and Online Scratch Card Prizes

To take an example, the average price of a scratch card in the UK from a newsagent will cost about £3 – £5.  You’ll have around a 1-5% chance of winning and the cash prizes are generally only worth between £5 and £100.  When you play scratch cards games online however, you can buy tickets from just 1p, with a 33% chance of winning cash prizes worth anything from £2,000 up to £200,000.  Special promotions such as Exotic Holidays for Two on the website are another massive benefit.  Bet365 also provide some special treats for scratch card players.  In the Bet365 Promotions area you’ll see that they reward scratch card players with a 100% up to £100 bonus every week if they make a deposit and play any of their fun and exciting scratch card games such as 3WOW, Fast Hands or Ready, Set Go!

99% of the time, the biggest instant win prizes that you can play for online will be from the online slots and progressive jackpot games.  These games tend to be much harder to win and make money in, however the jackpot increases every time a player wagers money and spins the reel.  At 888 Games they display some of the best cash jackpots and promotions on the right hand side. The Amazing Spiderman Game for example has a £9,999 jackpot and so does the Amazing Hulk and Fantastic Four action series games.  For the larger jackpots, you should play Cleopatra Slots or Alice in Wonderland which have massive jackpots worth more than £200,000.

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