How to Play Aces High

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How to Play Aces High Games Online (Hi Lo)

Hi Lo games are number games that test your psychic wits over predicting whether the next card to be dealt from the pack will be higher or lower.  Hi Lo games are one of the most popular types of instant win games because they are extremely easy and simply to play.

The combination of luck, payouts (up to 12x your wager) and bonuses makes Aces High very exciting and addictive.  An added advantage to playing Aces High or other popular Hi Lo games is that you can withdrawal your winnings and stop the game at any time.

How to Play Aces High

The objective of Aces High (asides from making money) is to guess whether the next card from a pack of 13 Spades will be higher or lower, up to a maximum 10 cards in a row.  The more cards that you get right, the more money you’ll win and the higher the payouts. In addition to regular payouts, you’ll receive bonus payouts worth up to 25% on your 3rd, 6th and 10th card.

The game starts by choosing your initial wager which starts from 50p up to £300.  You can adjust the stakes by pressing up/down next to your stake.

After pressing Start, the game will begin and the first card will be dealt. As a player you have to decide whether the next card will be higher, lower or the same.  You can Collect your winning at any point in the game by pressing “Collect”.

Every time that you get a pick right (wagering on higher or lower) you will earn a multiplier to your initial wager. The payouts vary according to how easy the decision is and the true odds.  For example, if you’re dealt 3 of Spades than guessing higher pays out just 1.16 wager.  If you initially wagered £5 than this would be 80p profit.  However, if you guess lower (or the same) and get it right than you’ll receive a payout of 12x£3 = £60.

Aces High Bonus Payouts

In addition to the regular payouts for guessing higher or lower, Aces High gives players special bonus payouts at different stages.

When you get the 3rd guess right you’ll be given an extra 5% bonus of your total winnings.  On the 6th card you’ll get a 10% bonus and then on the last card or 10th you’ll receive a 25% bonus on top of your current winnings.

Personal Opinion of Aces High

As far as online instant win games go, Aces high is one of the easiest to master and learn.  You can pretty much play the Demo version and understand the rules and betting structure within seconds.

In terms of the graphics and overall “wow” factor, it didn’t ring any bells for me.  It’s just a very straight forward game with limited graphics, special effects and sound features.  None the less, it’s a good way to build a bankroll and it has some big, chunky payouts for successful players.

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