Instant Games Instructions and FAQ

Learn how to play different types of instant win games here!

Even though online instant win games are loved for their simplicity in nature, beginner players may need a quick de-brief on how to play each of the different types of games and categories of instant win games online.

Bet365, for example, have more than 200 different themed instant win games on their website. These are available in both real money and free play format. Bet365 also release brand new instant win games every month which you can find in the New Games tab.

Instant Games Rules & Guides:

What are the Different Types of Instant Win Games Online?

In order to help you navigate your way through the different kinds of instant games that you can play online, we’ve debunked the list by providing some descriptions of the basic categories.

Online Slots

Online slots are “luck” games which involve pulling a level and a number of reels spinning around on the screen. Depending on the pattern of the reels, you can win massive jackpot prizes worth more than £250,000. Most gaming sites have literally dozens of themed slots games such as Cleopatra, Banzai, Atomic Fruit, Chests of Plenty, Gold Diggers and Golden Balls. Read more about online slots.

Table Games

Table games are classic games that you can find at your local casino such as Roulette, Craps, Texas Choos’em, Blackjack, Pinball, Mini Mah-jong, Casino Dice and More.

Scratch Cards

Buy a ticket, scratch and win! That’s about as complex as scratch card game games get! Most sites carry a range of different themed scratch cards games for you to choose from with payouts worth up to £200,000 at sites such as  Read more information about scratch cards.

Number and Keno Games

Keno is a bit like a cross between bingo and scratch cards. In the majority of number and keno games you need to cross out numbers on your tickets. Popular number games including Golden 7’s and Bingo Fortune.

Sports and Quiz Games

Sports instant win games are a little rarer but you can tons of them at sites such as Bet365 and Betfair Games. Sports games are more suited to the knowledgeable sportsman as opposed to the delicate lady. Sports games (e.g. Road Racing or Virtual Dogs) may involve some sporting knowledge or just playing the game.

TV Themed Games

TV themed games such as The X-Factor and Deal or No Deal are real money games that are loosely based on the original TV program format or game show rules. TV themed games have become massively popular in the UK over the last couple of years, especially Millionaire and Big Brother Slots.

Classic Games

Classic games comprise of ancient, traditional games that you’ve been playing for years.  Some of the most well known classic games that you can play online are Cluedo, Monopoly, Golden Balls, Family Fortunes and 7th Heaven.

Hi Lo

Saving the best until last, hi-lo games are one of the most popular types of instant win games online. The classic game of “higher or lower” is taken to a new level in these dazzling, uniquely themed games. Depending on how many guesses you get right and what stakes you wager, the payouts and percentages go up or down massively in Hi Lo online games. Some sites have 25% cash bonuses for getting 5 or more right in a row.