Advantages of Instant Win Games

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Advantages of Instant Win Games

Hundreds and thousands of online gamers from the UK are playing instant win games at major gaming sites such as Games.Bet365 and

The thrill, excitement and simplicity of instant win games have led to rapid growth in the scale of the market and the number of online sites providing instant win games and promotions to players.

The scale and growth of the online instant win games industry is something like 10-20% per annum, which is massive when compared to other areas of online gaming.  In contrast to online poker for example, which is actually shrinking for the first time at a rate of 1% per year, the instant games niche is really taking off.

What Makes Instant Win Games so Addictive?

I’m not the biggest arcade junkie in the world, but even I have been impressed by some of the instant win games and themed games at sites like Bet365.

The main thrill and addition of instant win games is that they’re just enjoyable to play and you can play for real or play money whenever you’re in the mood.  A lot of theses games have a quiz or luck format which makes them very enticing and mentally challenging to play but at the same time they are simple and easy to become addicted to.  For example, the sports and skill games at Bet365 like Virtual Champions League and Football Quiz challenge your knowledge of the game.  In short, they are fun, entertaining and you can win a reasonable sum of money very quick – especially if you are with some friends who you can pick their brains from.

If you’ve ever played a fruit box machine or one of the quiz machines found in pubs across the UK than this is essentially what instant win games are.  You can enter them for as little as 50p with the chance to win anything from a couple of pounds up to £1,000 or even £50,000 progressive jackpot prizes.

Most instant win games sites and games are supported with java or flash software.  This means that they games fluidly open in a new browser or in the middle of your current screen.  The beauty of this is that it avoids having to download any tricky software onto your desktop.  You can also log into your online games account at any computer in the world and open up a fresh new game without having to wait for loading times or for other players to join.

The final reason that makes instant win games so popular among new players is that games such as The X-Factor, Deal or No Deal, Golden Balls and Cleopatra have simple rules and instructions that make the games easy and enticing for new players.  It’s completely different to complicated games such as 7 Card Stud or Craps for example which require a certain amount of knowledge and experience to avoid losing massive amounts of money.

The Hi-Lo games in particular, are just a boat load of fun and even a simpleton with an IQ of 80 could pretty much make money and enjoy the games without any issues.  The added incentive of online instant win games is that all of the games have interesting themes, graphics and visuals.  Hi Lo games such as Aladdin’s Treasure and Black or White or example just give these games a bit more of a twist and spark.

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