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InstantWinGames.org was set up in January 2011 and is the leading resource for reviews, information and bonuses for online instant win games.

What are Instant Win Games?

Online instant win games such as slots, scratch cards, table games and casino have become extremely popular in recent years.  The majority of online entertainment and gaming sites now provide their own instant win games section that caters to all sorts of players.

Bet365 for example, which was launched in 1974, now provides a range of more than 150 instant win games for players which includes popular slots games such as Cleopatra and Alice in Wonderland, classic games like Monopoly, TV shows games such as the X-Factor and many other sports genres.

One of the reasons that online instant win games have become so popular is that they are very easy to play, penetrate all sorts of online gaming markets and many games such scratch cards have cash prizes worth up to £200,000.  If you check the winners’ section of many instant win sites such as 888Games than you’ll see that a number of players are winning jackpot prizes on a daily basis ranging from £100 up to £10,000.

Instant Games Bonuses and Free Money Promotions!

If you’re a new player looking for some great instant games bonuses or free money than we have some great offers on our website.  Our instant games bonuses section provides an array of massive bonuses were up to £200 along with a short explanation explaining how to receive it.

If you’re not ready to play real money instant win games with your own money than why not check out our free no deposit bonuses section.  Our team of instant win games players and reviewers have found all the best bargain deals for you.  If you sign up to these deals you receive up to £5 in no deposit bonuses just for signing up to the website.  Signing up literally takes just a couple of minutes and you can play a wide selection of instant win games with the free money that you’re given.

Rules and Instructions for Instant Win Games

There are more than 150 types of instant win games that you can play online.  Each of these can be arranged into sub-categories too such as slots, scratch cards, table games, sports games, casino games, TV show games, keno, hi-lo and more.

If you don’t know how to play a popular game such as roulette, scratch cards, bingo or blackjack than you can find a number of guides and instant win games instructions on our site.  We’ve tried to make these as accurate as possible, and in addition to this we always recommend particular instant win games sites or promotions that may be relevant to you.

Instant Win Games Reviews

If you’re having trouble finding an appropriate instant win games site than we have written a number of detailed reviews providing information about the range of instant games that you can find at each site, along with their featured promotions and the size of bonuses that they offer to new players.  You can also check out each of our instant games section, such as online slots, in order to find our recommended instant win game site for that particular game.

Overall, we sincerely hope that you find our InstantWinGames.org site useful and if you have any suggestions or would like to see anything extra listed on the site than please let us know!


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