75 Ball Bingo Rules

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How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

About 75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo played by US and Canadian players. Every major UK bingo site still provides an endless list of 75 ball bingo games with ticket prices ranging from free up to £1 or £5.

The main advantage of playing 75 ball bingo is that there are a massive range of format and structures. Unlike 90 ball bingo, where there are three main ways of winning (single-line, double-line and full house), 75 ball bingo gives players a range of card shapes and games to choose from.

Wink Bingo, for example, offers more than 10 different types of 75 ball bingo cards with different shapes and styles. You can choose between U Pick’em cards (which lets you choose your own numbers and spaces for your cards), diamond shapes, squares and other more interesting styles.

The 75 Ball Bingo Ticket

The typical 75 ball bingo ticket contains a 5×5 columns and rows containing the numbers 1-75 (shock horror I know).

The first column is filled with the numbers 1 to 15, the second column is filled with the numbers 16 – 30 and the last column is filled with the numbers between 61 to 75. What makes the 75 ball bingo ticket stand out from other types of bingo games is that there will also be an empty square directly in the middle of the ticket.

In total, there are about 5.52*1026 total individual cards that can be created in 75 ball bingo.

How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

Just like other forms of online bingo, the teller or dealer will randomly select a number every turn. If you have the number on your ticket than you should cross it off or mark it out with a “dauber”.

The winner of the game is the bingo players who successful marks off his numbers to form a pre-agreed pattern in the game. This is where the beauty of 75 ball bingo comes into play. There are literally hundreds of different winning patterns that can be made in 75 ball bingo. This gives it a much bigger twist of excitement and flavour than its 90 ball counter part. Popular winning patterns include traditional 1 or 2 line bingo, Full House, Coverall Jackpots, Diamond, Cornered, Hangman or the number eight figure.

Top Tips for Playing 75 Ball Bingo

Similar to my top tip for playing 90 ball bingo, the trick to being successful in 75 ball bingo games is to buy tickets in rooms that have the least amount of bingo players. Remember, you are technically competing against all of the other players in the room to win the different patterns first. Hence the less players that you have to compete with the better your chance of winning a massive cash prize.

Also bear in mind that the more tickets that you purchase the higher your chance of winning one of the Coverall Jackpots (I always tend to look out for the really big £100,000+ jackpots in order to make sure that if I win that I win big).

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